Twitter Suspenders Unite!

Greetings to all radfemispherians,

I may have last known you on twitter, I began that in 2009 and had 1,800 whom I followed and earned same as loyal followers.

My handle began as SurvivorThriver, advocating for the healing and rights of women and children victimized by incest, molestation, rape, trafficking, porn, prostitution – the whole nine yards of radical feminism.  I identified as a feminist in 1969 at tender age of 16 yrs old.  It was the Vietnam war, and Civil Rights issues were forefront.  We united as women, blacks, gays, lesbians, poor and disabled peoples to work together for anti-war and people’s progress.  It was a heady time.

Over time, I trended on Twitter towards gender critical thought and writing.  I feel that gender ID is a pernicious and anti-female totalitarian ideology which, as Salon said in 2007 in “How did the T get in LGBT?” article that the “T came from outside and above LGB”.  Thank you Soroya Schemaly, that hits a bull’s eye right on the core of transgender ideology.

Why was I first banned from Twitter last month?  I said “Transwomen are men” to Morgane Oger in British Columbia.  Or I said to a trans activist “You are a man”.  I earned my release from twitter jail after 12 hours.  Lasted a week before suspension.

I re-birthed goody charly the worm handle at dzongsar to CJAngel (transposition of real name) at wormliness but was discovered there within the week and permanently suspended for “violent threats”.  I believe that was in response to TRA telling a radfem to “suck my balls” to which I responded, “I’d rather bite them off with my incisors.  Crunch”.   Suspended, and a subsequent account I attempted with new email, etc., denied due to suspicions of some twitter sort.

So, my “I’m B-A-C-K” was short lived.  So, what now is a permanently twitter-suspended radical feminist, nicknamed Charly with a self-ID as an angleworm since grade 6 and a deeply rebellious nature supposed to do?

If you are on twitter, share my blog and I promise to write as radically real feminist content for my Femisphere friends.  And, I want to collect your blog links so that I can continue learning from and admiring the world of powerful women.

Feminists and gender critical alike are welcome to link to my blog, and I promise to read yours.  I plan to have a new sock account if the goddess allows, meanwhile, I will show up here.

My blog is dedicated to all the strong women of the world, and to those who cannot as yet speak their truth, stand up for what is right for themselves or their families, and help bring ALTERNATIVES together to outskirt the patriarchy!

We can do this!

PS:  I’m newbie to WordPress so any constructive criticisms welcome.  Old radfems can learn new tricks!



15 thoughts on “Twitter Suspenders Unite!

  1. Hi there Charly! This is @rachelherriotts

    I was suspended from twitter for saying that “Shonky Shon is a manky man”. Shonky Shon being Shon Faye.

    It’s good to see you here and I will retweet your blog.

    In sisterhood! We will prevail.

    Rachel xxx

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    1. Rachel! You made me laugh so hard Shonky Shonk. We’ve got to keep records of what our trans crimes are. Shon Faye that pouty bra in lippy.

      I’m deciding what to write next and it might be an interview with my local Target store about the change rooms, how do you like them apples?

      I had such fun with radfems on twitter, and so glad to hear from you. Did you sneak back on as Goody Rachel last? I tried a second account and that got suspended, tried a third and they rejected my request for suspicious appearances of trying to pull a fast one.

      Yes, sisterhood is powerful and fun. I had started this blog and written some lame background, but have a better direction in my personal activisim and one goal is to have fun. Can’t wait to go meet the manager at the Target, see what he/she has to say about the Target study showing increased sex crimes. See if I can get them to refer me up the corporate hierarchy to “learn more” about this new danger in our neighborhood fave store (ha ha not).

      Thank you Rachel, much appreciated Charly

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    1. Well, bless your heart, Gabe. Knowing a man like you has been meaningful. I’ll keep in touch and try fooling Twitter again. My second suspension, then they did not allow my third account so I’m stymied. I can use a work account and change after I’m in. Thank you so much, it’s surprising how much fun and connection I felt over my nine year Twitter relationship. Hey, for kicks and giggles go to my work web: I’m their fundraiser, we’re going to host 250 performers from around the world in March and April here in Seattle. I work w sweet trans I call Anna per their request, but if the performing arts community got my gender critical number it could hurt my nonprofit. Blessings to you Gabe and that lucky wife. Charly ( nicknamed that since age 11). And with last name Anigle that is my alter ego a lowly angle Worm. As the worm turn So!

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    2. Hey, Gabe. I put up a poem tonight. “These Things I Learned When I was Ten”.

      I can publish one a day for sixty days from my backlog but the Moisture Festival will take me away here and there. Hey, I work 24/7, right? Anyway, I might intersperse w short narrative and radfem rants. Ha ha. It all weaves together, yes? Twitter be damned, I can fuking do this without them, right? This site is copywriter, too, much better to air out the content long-term. Why do I feel like I’m talking to a brother? Like I told Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche of crazy warrior wisdom training, I am a one lifetime Buddhist slut. I am agnostic about reincarnation, but act in this lifetime as if it is real and, while Asian Buddhist teachers like Westerners to pick a root teacher to get strongest grounding in practice, in reality I had one teacher per year year for fifteen years, many w tits. Dzongsar laughed when I told him. “I am no one-lifetime commitment guru, either.” Ha ha.


    3. Omgoddess, you can tell how twit deprived I am, would you send my blog link to Henke on Twitter? I start hemorrhage G mentally when I start remembering the twits. Withdrawal here, promise not to pester you on and on.

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    4. Hello Gabriel,
      How are you and yours? Since my Twitter ban hammer, I sneak on Twitter and find links where I may post public comments on newspapers or journals in bearing witness to the women’s rights struggles side of gender totalitarians, right!

      I miss Twitter. I do log on from my nonprofits Twitter, search like hunt and peck. But I dare not like or message! Our work has several users.

      I miss you, are things right in your life! A Seattle friend is retiring to Lake Chapala area an hour south of Guadalajara. Do you know the area?
      Charly the angleworm banned from Twitter

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  2. More Charly, more. I read your first 2 posts and I felt like I was curled up on a couch listening to a dear friend – can’t wait to read more. Sorry you’re off “the twit” but I wonder if this medium is going to be way better! I’ve been banned from fb for a month this time and it’s actually a bit of a relief. A fan, Zoë xo

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    1. Hey, I just put up a poem for us. Unpublished collection. I thought I could do one a day like a 12-step poetry program. Lol. Penitence for my Twitter outrages. Ha ha. Share my work if it brings you pleasure on twitter land, that way I am not tweet-vanquished.

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  3. Hey there, it’s me, the artist occasionally known as “Angus.” Darn it, these brutes are determined to squelch anything women say that challenges their “feelz” or makes them think. Someone observed not long ago that men seem to get a free pass on twitter. I think it’s true. My other account was shut down but only after 4 years of common sense (i.e. “transphobia”). And no warnings on the current one – these bozos usually don’t even block me! So it’s clear that the bros-in-bras at Twitter and beyond are promenading their misogny with this absurdly unfair literalist banning.

    Meanwhile, as men with inflated ego performance (masking abysmally low self-esteem, violence upon their own bodies in futile effort to feel “whole”), they whine & cower when a man tells them something.

    Because that’s how fascism works. Ever read Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism”? Little man, chip on his shoulder, character armor & thwarted/diverted/perverted sexuality, absolutely craves someone to exert authority over him. Nostalgia for the authoritarian family, someone (angry father) to tell him what to do. That’s also part of why they rely so heavily on laws & bureaucracy to “prove” their own existence. But they don’t exist as other than themselves, just men! Every word out of their mouth (and keyboards) betrays them. It’s like the deck of cards in “Through the Looking Glass” – signifiers referring only to themselves, brooding motile flagellators with no “other.”

    They are truly living a cartoon existence!

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    1. Omgoddess! Hi Angus!
      “Brooding motile flagellators” bwaahahaha! I’ll follow your blog, too. I Very much appreciate your logic and backlog of useful references. On the one hand, the bros-in-bras irritate the shite out of me, but I also see how vulnerable they are to our implacable grasp of truth. I can’t believe how hard we are being scolded and cyber-bludgeoned by twitbros. It’s galling. And, dangerous! I’m about ready to stand on my soap box on a street corner yelling madly at the crowds. Ha ha. Of course, first I have to get my clever rants fine tuned, and some balancing skills. I’ll practice in my living room for YouTube ha ha, and remember RoseanneRosannaDanna? She’d get so worked up she’d fall off her chair, so of course I’ll have to practice falling off my Box in an apoplectic fit at end, landing safely off camera on my bed. Lol.

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    2. Hi Angus,
      Since my Twitter ban I lurk there using work account, and seek articles/forums where I can weigh in with public commentary. I use Cangle, Radfemisphere, CJA, other appellations. My own name! But, no more Charly at dzongsar. It’s different, but I spend my time writing to organizations, politicians, advertisers and sponsors which Twitter cohorts share and that’s my current online life. I also met up with Sahila Changemaker IRL. She’s joandark11 now on twit mess, go check her out she lasts mere days with her targeted lambasting.

      What’s your platform you use? I’m Hey, epidemiology rocks! Charly

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