People of the Forest

We are the people of the forest

We, who have come to live here

Dwelling in green-clad lands

The lures the world with pristine delights

Rising up mountain shoulders

Not every peak has been clear cut

Especially are the highway corridors

Have you noticed there are trees still on the mountains?

There are even some few ancient ones left

Like the family of thousand year old cedars

Anyone can visit, it is a national park

It is a mountain and it is a park

Where trees are left in peace

And so, we are the people of the forest

We new residents of few hundred years duration

Even as we eat at Burger King and strip malls

Grown clear up the mountain thighs

We should understand that we are no longer a people

When there are no longer any forests

One thought on “People of the Forest

  1. I love this. I love your awareness of how fleeting human life is, how insignificant in the greater scheme of things and how important our connection with trees is.


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