Seattle Ghosts

This city murmurs and hives with a past

As Chief Joseph foretold

The ancestors do people our land

They will help us now

If we but listen

This Vashon Island meadow

Farmed and frame-housed for only a century

Appears to me in felt time with pentimento teepees

On my property a fresh water spring

Still a gathering place of ghosts and blessed

Now will you believe?

The place we live is filled with all our people

If we would but recognize them

All around are those whom we deseve

Reach out, it’s been hundreds of years

Waiting, inside the stillness of this meadow’s silence

One thought on “Seattle Ghosts

  1. I worked in Valletta for several years. There used to be places before they renovated them (and there are still a few if you look for them) which date back to before the war and then some. I would often have to touch the walls because the places where we live are truly filled with all our people & at times you could easily feel them. The walls echoed with life.


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